mardi 2 octobre 2012

Theme : Black and white - mixed dolls

My Fair.... Poppy Parker (integrity toys)

Barbie Gustave Klimt - Art is all  (Mattel)

Dominique's feathered Portrait - (Integrity Toys, FR2)

Rayna in the Paris Opera House - (Integrity Toys, Fashion Royalty)

Yin / Yang Innoquii Traveler - (Superfrock London)

Painting of Silkstone Holly Go Lightly - (Mattel)

Simply the Queen, my Sybarite Doll Slipper (Superfrock London)

Rayna had broken the Marry Go Round (Integrity Toys-fashion royalty)

Rock N Roll 50's Diva-Monograme Doll (integrity toys)

Thank you very much for your visit today !!!

More of my fashion dolls here

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