mardi 28 mai 2013

Mymi O'Sotys is becomming naughty !!! Dal pullip OOAK full custo

Mymi O'Sotys change her haircut, and as she grew accustom to her new home, she is becomming a little naughty !!!

Mymi O'Sotys is an adorable OOAK full custo dal doll by Maigune

Mymi O' Sotys is at home - Pullip Dal OOAK full custo

A new girl arrived at home. She is just adorable, a little Dal full custo who's name is Mymy O'Sotys..

Mymi O' Sotys is an adorable Dal full custo OOAK by Maigune.

jeudi 23 mai 2013

Mystérieuse goes shopping - fashion royalty monograme mini aphrodisiac

Comming from a tag game on Flick'r, a picture session where I took Mystérieuse for a vintage vogue magasine shopping in New york.....

Mysterieuse did her shopping spree with Cesar ,the handsome dog !

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dimanche 19 mai 2013

Mymi O' Sotys , ma petite Dal full custo

An adorable little doll came to be a new part of my dolly family.
I'have seen a Dal doll some times ago and could not get her out of my mind.
So, when I see one marvelous little lady , full custom by Maigune on Flick'r, I immediately decided to adopt her.
And here she is, the total cuttie !!!!

L'adorable poupée "Dal' fait partie de la grande famille des jolies Pullips.....

thanks for you visit today...

vendredi 17 mai 2013

Head over heels - avantgarde Lush

I picked My avantgarde Lush for a photoshot . She becomes a model for a tag game fashion royalty collectors played on Flick'r.
the game was : Highligh a pair of shoes...
Lush goes had over heals for the picture...

Monograme Mini androginy came to see the set  a little more closer...

From the same photoshooting, Lush's portraits in black and white

Thank you so very much for your visit today.....

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samedi 11 mai 2013

My Keberneteka MH repaint family - Monster High custo

Let's meet the all family together

Those four marvelous girls are Monster High repaints by Keberneteka.....

Merci pour votre visite.

Ma petite Merl fait le printemps - Pullip Merl

Ma petite Pullip Merl toute de voile léger vétue fête la venue du printemps avec Cesar son chien elegant...

My little Pullip Merl is wearing a Barbie outfit "Mrs Albie"
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