mercredi 29 août 2012

Lovely White Wandy at the fairy seaside - Monster High OOAK custom repaint

My wonderful  Little White Wandy dreamed about the seaside...
A fairy , vintage, seaside of cource......

My lovely White Wandy is a Monster High repaint by Kamarza, and she is wearing Pullip Merl Outfit.

dimanche 26 août 2012

A new toy for Pimprenelle - J-Doll

My little J-doll , Pimprenelle receved a new toy today.
This is a very cute little mouse, that is Pullip's my melody toy.

Pimprenelle is wearing fashion royalty Kumi Snow White

Black Widow - fashion royalty dasha repaint

My Dasha Noir has met a spider that  decided to live on my wall some days ago...
She is a wonderful spider, and I fought my fear to capture her beauty.
Dasha Noir is not afraid !!!

Dasha noir is wearing Natalia Go  West outfit

dimanche 19 août 2012

Moon Noor in the Fairy Garden - Blythe Basaak

Mid summer..... very hot weather, little Moon Noor decided to try to find some  fresh air in the fairy garden..
On her way, she meet a lot of butterflys.
they where huge for her, but she is not afraid, she got her rabbit friend with her.
Plus she is rather naughty and does not fear a lot of things....

Thank you so very much to come and look at Moon Noor.
She is wearing an absolute cute pullip outfit, from Alice du Jardin Doll.

jeudi 9 août 2012

Cherry Red - Avantguard Goldmine

This is a doll I wanted to trqade, but no one wanted her...
I decided to create a set of pictures with her , to give a new chance.
And she was just so perfect, that I falled in love with her again, and she will stay in the family !!!
Look at her, no doubt she is perfect......


Thank you very much for Looking....

mercredi 8 août 2012

Les petites demoiselles - Victoire Roux and Poppy Parker

My little Demoiselles have put on their best 50's dresses and they got a picture session together.....

Victoire is wearting a silkstone outfit, and Poppy is wearing Miss fairchild outfit...

Thank you very much for your visit !!!!