mardi 31 décembre 2013

Christmas Times......Monster High dolls OOAK

Little ladies in the christmas mood...

Nuage,Monste High Spectra repainted by artist Anthrogirl

Elfe de Lune  Monster High Ghoulia repainted by artist Elfe de Lune

Nuage Monster High Spectra repainedt by Anthrogirl

Catalunya, Monster High Rochele repainted by Artist MyriamMery

Miss Missy Lovett , Monster High Spectra repainted by Artist Anthrogirl

Therebentine, Monster High Operetta, repainted by artist Devoutdoll

Lou Monster High Frankie repainted by artist Pati d'Onirie

Miss Missy Lovett, Monster High repainted by artist Anthrogirl

Rachel Repliquant, Monster High Rochelle repainted by artist Ivyheart

EvANscEnt Monster High Cupid repainted by Keberneteka

EvANescEnT, Monster High Cupid repainted by Keberneteka

jeudi 31 octobre 2013

Dasha Noire the Ultimate Witch - Fashion royalty doll OOAK

Dasha is the most fabulous doll to play the witch.....
Dasha Noire is a fabulous OOAK Fr doll by Dollsdelicious in Italy

Thank you for your scarry  visit today ....

More of my fashion dolls here :

Halloween Pupetter - Monster High Doll

Skelita is playing the pupetter for Halloween.. she got lovely dolls, wich one will she choose to go to the scarry ball ???

Thank you for your scrarry visit today !!!

dimanche 27 octobre 2013

LIttle Soul - Monster High CleodeNile repaint

I receved an other Monster High Repaint this month.
She is a fabulous work by Hasel-Anne.
She is like little Bambi's little sister...
She is Little Soul

Thanks for visiting..

Rachel Blade Runner style - Monster High Repaint

I had this lovely lady at home before she ended up being mine.
I find her so lovely, very special, je reminds me the Rachel personage that can be seen in the movie Blade Runner.....

But, she can be a little historical princess too....

Rachel is wearing a Integrity Toys outfit.

samedi 12 octobre 2013

Nuage et Miss Misy Lovett - MH OOAK

Nuage and Miss Missy Lovett are two fabulous Monster High Spectra repainted by the talented Anthrogirl on Etsy.
They are wearing Integrity Toys Dolls garments

Cha u KaO - Bonbon - Pullip OOAK

Cha U KaO est une adorable Pullip OOAK par Queen Carcharias
Elle porte la tenue de la Pullip Galene, et le petit sac de la Monster High Cupid

samedi 28 septembre 2013

Grimm Sisters ready for autumn too - Monster High OOAK

The little Grimm Sister Twins, Veloutée and Soyeuse are ready to enter a new school ...

The Grimm Sisters are wearing Pullips Merls outfits

thank you for the visit today

Catalunya ready for autumn - Monster High OOAK

Catalunya wearing Pullip Fraulein's outfit is all ready to step in autum season...

Catalunya is a fabulous work of art by MiriamMeri
She is wearing Pullip Fraulein's Outfit
Thanks for your visit today.....

dimanche 8 septembre 2013

My New stock Monster High - Cupid and Skelita

From times to times I love to keep some of my MH withough a repaint...
Some times ago I receved to fabulous dolls, A monster high Cupid and a monster high Skelitta.

Little Cupid became Yvette Petitcoeur, she is a french pinky powdery  lady...

Skelitta is now Maraviliosa Calavera

Thank you very much for your visit today !