jeudi 29 août 2013

Monster High repaint - An interesting change of wig

Sometimes, a simple change of wig create a totaly new doll.
This occured to me when I purchases a wig some times ago that I loved for its colors.
When I decided to choose a girl wich will wear it, my choise (not the first one) stopped when I saw Tootie Red's green and blue eyes (the colors of the wig).
The repainted Monster High Frankie Doll ( by Heliantas) originaly wears a fire red tiberan lamb wool wig.

So , the change was a veeery big one. She transformed from little fairy elfe to romantic lady like princess....
Thus offereing an all new doll to me !!! I even appreciate her even more than before now...

Thank you very much for visiting today !

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