jeudi 1 novembre 2012

Theme : Halloween DOLLS !!!!!

The three ghosts of the witch.... fashion royalty Mini Aphrodisiac Monogram

Cute no ? Impossible to fear  Princess Ann Pullip as a witch

OOAK custom Pullip Cha U is not frightening, is she ?

fashion Royalty Malicious is a more scarry witch....

 the Malicious witch in her haunted castle

An other mysterious witch, fashion royalty Natalia Go West

An other sweet little witch, Poupette Precious is  Monster High OOAK custom

Soon midnight, lovely Blythe Moon Noor is waiting in the  shadow

FEARS...... Blythe doll Moon Noor got some fear on halloween night

The sad witch, Monogram mini aphrodisiac, integrity toys

thank you so very much for loking today !!!

2 commentaires:

  1. Awesome Creations!!

  2. Thank you hundred times for your kindness Jorge !!! Dolly hugs !!!