mercredi 27 juin 2012

Theme : Dolls and their furry friends - Mixed dolls

Today, some pictures of my dolls with furry friends. 
Somme are plush toys, some are real cats !!!

Here we go.......

Let's meet Bergie, my little 4 month old cat, with Poppy Parker

Freeze frame avantguard meets my cat, kakao, this is suprise for them all !!

Let me introduce you Cesar, the hadsome dog and her mistress Mysterieuse (fashion royalty mini clone monograme)

Natalia and her Egyptian cat (fashion royalty Natalia back to black)

White wandy's Teddy (Monster High custom)

And Jolie Madame and her doggies....... (avantguard vanishing point)

thank you so very much for visite the blog today !!!!

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