lundi 14 mai 2012

Pullip OOAK

An other little Parisian Lady, My lovely Pullip custom Cha U Ka O.
She is just perfect to go to dance in the Moulin Rouge.
Perhaps Toulouse Lautrec could even painted her !!!


Toulouse Lautrec, Bal du Moulin Rouge

When I asked to the person who customised my Pullip to create Cha U, I had in mind all those incredible ladys who worked in the famous Moulin Rouge in Paris....
I wanted a funny doll, with lot of personality and this vintage twist I love in very old porcelaine dolls.

On the first painting Yvette Guilbert, on the second, the true Cha U Kao, and the last painting repicts an unknown lady by Toulouse Lautrec

Here is our little Cha U Kao into the Moulin Rouge, painting by Toulouse Lautrec....

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