mercredi 30 mai 2012

Dominique Grand Gesture - Fashion royalty doll

Come in Egypte with Dominique... you will discover all the mysteries of ancient times and admire all the beautys of the Gods and Pharaos...

Perfum gift from the pharao....

I went to Egyptia in Februar this year, so those pictures are the one I took there.......

The famous pyramides......

I took Dominique with me , but I did not dare to take pictures of  her there, so, the photos where she appears are photoshop montages.... nevertheless the background are realy pictures I took in Egyptia.

DOminique with Horus in the Edfou Temple

Sobek perhaps with Hathor in the Kom Ombo Temple

Dominique take a stroll in Philae Temple

Piece of art in the Edfou Temple

It you want to see more about my trip of Egypte, I wrote a diary (still in the making) under this thread :

It is a french/english blog, and there are 300 pictures for the moment... soon  a lot more !!!

More of my fashion dolls here

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