jeudi 31 mai 2012

Dania Red Zinger - Fashion royalty doll

Dania decided to have a little walk in town to do some shopping...
But suddently, rain begins to fall..
Fortunately, she got her Burburry on !!! And does not fear some rain....

Dania is wearing a beautiful outfit from Eiffel85 on FLick'r.

The original outfit is the jacket with a pencil skirt, but Here the wears the jacket with Elise dress.

mercredi 30 mai 2012

Dominique Grand Gesture - Fashion royalty doll

Come in Egypte with Dominique... you will discover all the mysteries of ancient times and admire all the beautys of the Gods and Pharaos...

Perfum gift from the pharao....

I went to Egyptia in Februar this year, so those pictures are the one I took there.......

The famous pyramides......

I took Dominique with me , but I did not dare to take pictures of  her there, so, the photos where she appears are photoshop montages.... nevertheless the background are realy pictures I took in Egyptia.

DOminique with Horus in the Edfou Temple

Sobek perhaps with Hathor in the Kom Ombo Temple

Dominique take a stroll in Philae Temple

Piece of art in the Edfou Temple

It you want to see more about my trip of Egypte, I wrote a diary (still in the making) under this thread :

It is a french/english blog, and there are 300 pictures for the moment... soon  a lot more !!!

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mardi 29 mai 2012

Engaging Elise - fashion royalty doll

Elise is the new Red Ridding Hood ! She is a secret agent, send by the prince in the woods to tamed the big terrible wolf... 
Will she succed ?

Elise is wandering in the wood, Wolf, where are you ?

An suddently, the Wolf is here !!! Be careful Elise....

Wolf attacks .... "Little red ridding hood, I gone eat you !!!!!"

"Do not even think about it !!! I 'm going to tame you Wolf !!!!!!"

Wolf surrender.... "Give a kiss wolf and everything will be forgotten......"

Once again, special Agent Elise succeded !!!!!! she realy is the best ....

lundi 28 mai 2012

Pullip OOAK Custom

Little Cha U Ka O wanted to trye some blue on...
I think it does not fit her bad.....

samedi 26 mai 2012

Barbie RED Ridding HOOD / the WOLF/ Barbie QUEEN of HEARTS

This is a new little family that arrived yesterday.... 
Those dolls are just gorgous, the wolf totaly irresistible.
I bought Ridding Hood for the Wolf, and the Queen for her outfit.. and, at the end, I'm realy in love with those wonderful dolls.
 They realy deserved some attention, and I had a great pleasure to do pictures with them !!!

jeudi 24 mai 2012

Tatyana Red Queen - fashion royalty doll

The Somptuous Red Queen is playing some sort of Mad Hatter  today.

I love this doll sooo much ! She realy is a dream comes true for me. I know she is kind of an underdog, but, if I could make people love her a little more, I would be sooo glad !!!!!

Marvelous Red Queen is wearing the hat and royal attributs of the Pullip Prupatte.
The dress is Integrity Toys Yuri Red Rose

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mardi 22 mai 2012

Rayna Go Home in Paris - fashion royalty doll

Lovely Rayna Had a trip to Paris with me last Christmas. I had not had time yet to transfer all her pictures on the web.
Here are some photo of her last trip day, on one of the most romantic place is Paris, the "Pont Alexandre III", at dawn , after a beautfiul sunny day.
Lovely Rayna si wearing a wonderful dress dress by Gin-o

This is a montage , featuring my photo of the Pont Alexandre, and a photo made by Richard Avedon in 1956, nearly at the same place.... Very Paris, very romantic....

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lundi 14 mai 2012

Little Birds on a Bench - Monster High Custom OOAK

Two of the most adorable little Monster High Doll repaints...... 
My lovely Wolfy Douce by Kamarza on the left and my irresistible little PLume by Fausto and Gretchen on the Right...
I 'm not a big fan of the MH factory dolls, but once they are repainted, they become little works of art !!!

Wolfy and Plume gain, but here on the far left, Tootie Red insisted to be on the picture...
Tootie Red is a wonderful OOAK by Héliantas.

Pullip OOAK

An other little Parisian Lady, My lovely Pullip custom Cha U Ka O.
She is just perfect to go to dance in the Moulin Rouge.
Perhaps Toulouse Lautrec could even painted her !!!


Toulouse Lautrec, Bal du Moulin Rouge

When I asked to the person who customised my Pullip to create Cha U, I had in mind all those incredible ladys who worked in the famous Moulin Rouge in Paris....
I wanted a funny doll, with lot of personality and this vintage twist I love in very old porcelaine dolls.

On the first painting Yvette Guilbert, on the second, the true Cha U Kao, and the last painting repicts an unknown lady by Toulouse Lautrec

Here is our little Cha U Kao into the Moulin Rouge, painting by Toulouse Lautrec....



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